CAADP’s work falls under 4 pillars, each dealing with key issues:
Pillar 1: Land & water management
Pillar 2: Market access
Pillar 3: Food supply and hunger
Pillar 4: Agricultural research
Pillar 4: Agricultural research
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The thinking behind this website

This website and the re-launch and major improvement of NEPAD-CAADP's visual identity and communication efforts is the result of careful research and planning by the NEPAD-CAADP team and partners.

Through our website, blog, forum and interactive news area, we aim to provide new standards for sustainable development communication - not only in Africa but worldwide.

Part of this process has involved looking at the work already done by other organizations and building and
improving on it.

Regional partners 

The African Union NEPAD

We would like to thank the African Union and NEPAD for the strong support that they have provided to CAADP in relation to the production of this website. 

Partners directly involved in developing this site

DFID UK's RIU Programme

Credit is due in the first instance to the communication component of DFID UK's Research Into Use (RIU) Programme, led by Dr Wyn Richards 

RIU's work with the Partners in Support of CAADP initiative helped the NEPAD-CAADP team to identify the importance of a strong visual identity, in order to communicate its key messages effectively, without them being lost in the large volumes of materials produced by other organizations.

 As well as advising the NEPAD-CAADP team and introducing us to key partners, RIU also allowed us free access to its library of photographs by Stevie Mann.


Scriptoria Development Communications

Scriptoria was the specialist communications company chosen for this project after a careful review of suppliers by NEPAD-CAADP.  

As well as writing, designing and building this website, SCRIPTORIA provided ethical rates that made work of this quality affordable for a not-for-profit organization. They also produced the new CAADP brand, and advised CAADP on new communications strategies to promote its work.


The Global Donor Platform

Thanks are also due to the Global Donor Platform for strongly supporting the development of this website. This support included the provision of partial funding for the work undertaken.